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Birth Doula

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Nurturing Your Journey

As your Doula I remain current in evidence-based practices and work hard to make sure you feel empowered and supported during your birthing journey I strive to provide compassionate, caring,non-judgemental, and professional services to moms, moms-to-be, and their families. 

Service Cost: $1,500

Gain Skills, Wisdom, and Confidence

  • What to expect during each stage of labor

  • Breast & Bottle Feeding

  • Comfort Measure Techniques

  • Daily Movement 

  • Birth Planning

  • Support and guidance during each phase of birth

  • Partner support

  • And More!

Personalized Care

Get support and guidance for your specific needs! Each mom and baby are unique and each birthing experience is different. Get doula care that is personalized to your needs, desires and expectations.

Areas of Experience
  • VBAC

  • First Time

  • IVF

  • Hospital Birth

  • Medically Managed Births

  • Home Birth

  • Unmedicated Births

  • Planned Cesarean

In home care just makes sense!

Your home is where you will be caring for your baby. Getting personlized care inside your own home give us the oppertunity to learn and practice with your real belongings! 

In-Home Visits

Doula's help partners get ready for the big day! Learn useful techniques to use during birth. Doula's help ease anxiety by translating "labor langauge" and also making sure Dad's needs are met. During our prentals visits I'll help you establish the confidence you need to be the best support person in the room. Scared you'll forget? Don't worry I'll be there tp remind you each step of the way.

Partner Support

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