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Prenatal Breastfeeding


Set Yourself Up For Success

Learning about breastfeeding prior to birth will greatly increase the likelihood of meeting your breastfeeding goals. Healing from your birth while taking care of your new baby is NOT the optimal time to learn how to breastfeed. This prenatal breastfeeding class is a proactive way to approach new parenthood with confidence and wisdom.

Comprehensive Prenatal Breastfeeding


This is a private class taught in the privacy and comfort of your own home. I invite you to have all your support persons there during this class if they are going to be supporting you postpartum. Mothers-in-law, best friends, aunts, and grandparents, all are welcome to observe this class with you. Together we will learn:

  • why breastfeeding works,

  • debunk myths and old wives' tales,

  • how to establish and maintain an adequate milk supply,

  • and when to get help

  • how to bottle feed a breastfed baby

  • how to use your pump

  • and much much more!

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