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Birth Doula


It is now widely recognized that choosing to add a labor support person to one’s birth team can yield many positive benefits. A woman’s memories of her birth experiences last a lifetime and can have powerful effects on her self-esteem and confidence. I am committed to helping women and couples feel empowered and supported as they experience birth.

Breastfeeding Support

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Sometimes the breastfeeding experience starts off tougher than anticipated. The first few days and weeks with a newborn can feel like a blur. Don’t put off getting help; in-home lactation support is available to help you meet your breastfeeding goals.

Postpartum Support

Limited Availability. Referals available upon request.

Private Prenatal Breastfeeding Class


This 3 hour Prenatal Breastfeeding Class covers a large range of topics. It is a hands-on breastfeeding course that demonstrates latch techniques, includes the practice of mock breastfeeding using proper positioning for both mom and baby, along with the use of many different visual aids. This class will also prime the birthing person’s partner or support person to be your first line of help and encouragement.

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