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Lactation Counseling

Did you know those who give up on breastfeeding usually do so within 10 days of being home with their baby? Early intervention is key; waiting to receive help will only delay your progress and in many cases will make things worse.



Initial In-Home Consultation

Initial in-home consultation ranges from 1-2 hours depending on the baby and their needs. This is a hands-on appointment where we will utilize any and all items you are using. We will develop a feeding plan and you will receive referrals as necessary.


In-Home Follow Up

In-Home follow-up is a continuation of an already-developed feeding plan.

This appointment is 1 hour.


Ask a Lactation Counselor - Virtual Visit

This is an ideal option if you don't need hands-on support but you have questions and just need a little support or clarification. This is a virtual visit and lasts up to 45 min.


Package Deal

It's not uncommon to need multiple visits while navigating your breastfeeding journey. This package includes 1 in-home consultation followed by 2 in-home follow-up appointments.

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